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For over 20 years, the Cunatech team has provided comprehensive support for business projects in the IT industry. Our team's expertise includes conducting information system audits, setting up modern infrastructures, and integrating services that cater to our clients' needs.
Our specialists have extensive experience in help desk services, network and server administration, and successful project completion, even with the most daunting client's tasks.
What we do
IT Audit
Our IT audit services help improve productivity while reducing the risk of problems.
Procurement Management
We provide pre-sale, conducting, and support of purchases.
Help Desk
Our team offers first-line technical problem-solving services.
Colocation and Virtual Workplace as a Service
Our own data center provides support for colocation and virtual workplace services.
IT Outsourcing
We provide full support for a company's information infrastructure.
Service Management:
Our team offers performance and status monitoring of IT services.
Why us?
Access to Highly Qualified Specialists. Our team has many experienced and qualified specialists who can quickly solve complex problems and offer advanced solutions.
Focus on the Core Business. Transferring IT functions to a third-party company allows organizations to focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives while maintaining full compliance with all confidentiality requirements.
Flexibility. Our team can quickly scale its services, enabling you to adapt to changing market conditions.
Quality Improvement and Risk Reduction. Our company specializes in the implementation of best practices and standards, ensuring higher quality and reduced risks associated with the operation of infrastructure and services.
Cost Reduction and Consolidation. Working with us helps reduce the costs of developing and maintaining IT infrastructure, as you do not need to hire a full staff or pay for training and social packages.
Reduced Equipment Costs, accelerated Integration Process, simplified Management and Security, efficient Support and Updates.
Virtual Workplace
For companies with geographically distributed offices, our solution enables employees to work from any thin client or public computer while maintaining security, a familiar set of tools, and a common file space.
Data Center Support
Reliable Infrastructure, Effective Management, Uninterrupted Operation, Operational Technical Support, Scalability and Modernization, Improved Quality of Services.
Our project supports a data processing center for a federal system, creating, deploying and maintaining infrastructure that ensures stable and reliable operation of the state-level information system.
Audit of the Infrastructure and Services of a Transport Company
Identification of Bottlenecks and Problems, Detection of Outdated Hardware and Software, Improved Security, Optimization of Processes and Policies, Development of Recommendations.
Our IT infrastructure audit of the transport company assesses the current state of systems, identifies possible problems, and proposes solutions to improve the efficiency and security of IT resources.
Implementation of VPN and VDI
Optimization of network components, introduction of modern cooperation tools, organization of remote technical support, development of processes and implementation of tools for the prompt solution of technical problems of remote teams.
We offered our clients to retain the ability to perform daily work tasks while maintaining the required levels of security, availability and performance. The project included the setting up, configuration and implementation of an IT infrastructure that allows our clients to work remotely without loss of productivity.
We were one of the first companies in Russia to offer a comfortable format for designing and purchasing Office 365, a reliable enterprise-level email solution. Our Office 365 implementation includes cloud integration, collaboration tools, automatic updates, and advanced security features.
Cloud Integration, collaboration, updates and Support, security and Compliance, improved Communication.
Introduction of Cloud Products
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